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If there’s one strong indicator of how popular funny pictures are it’s the Internet. From humorous pictures of animals to embarrassing moments involving celebrities, the appetite for humorous photographs seems to be insatiable.

Humans need for humour and laughter remains as important as it’s ever been. There’s a number of TV shows which are dedicated to funny videos for instance, and funny videos dominate YouTube. Because of social media, funny pictures can also be seen by vast numbers of people – and within minutes.

funny picture

Funny pictures have always been popular

Funny pictures have always been popular and, in modern times, are sometimes used to ridicule a public figure or celebrity – especially with regards to politicians or leaders a particular newspaper dislikes. In this instance, a newspaper will try and take advantage of the most unflattering image available, and, by using humour, try to make the individual seem as ridiculous as possible. In the days before photography satirical cartoons would often have been used in a similar way, by making a pertinent point about a politician or a topical issue of the day.

T-shirts and posters are an example of how funny pictures can be utilized. A T-shirt or poster can also tell us about the wearer’s own sense of humour, which underlines how important humour is in a social context.

Some of the best funny pictures appeal to us because of their sheer sense of fun. The great physicist Albert Einstein always pulled a funny face when he was having his picture taken. We also find these pictures amusing because Einstein acted the opposite of how we expected a serious scientist to behave. The photo of Marilyn Monroe, standing over a grating, trying to keep her skirt under control from the upward draft, is a way that funny pictures can also be stage managed to good effect.

Most importantly of all, funny pictures can raise our spirits after a bad day. Though even when we’re having a good day we still can’t get enough of seeing animals in comical situations, or people taken unawares.

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