62 Funny Halloween Memes That Are So Spooky That They Make You Long For Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner. Although we officially celebrate Halloween on October 31, 2018, everyone certainly agrees that the whole month of October is actually Halloween. That lovely ghostly dark atmosphere of the month of October is so overwhelming when you stroll down the streets and see houses decorated with terrifying Halloween decorations, such as scary carved pumpkins, frightening skeletons and lots of candles that are burning in the dark. We’re already eagerly waiting to put on our scariest Halloween costumes and put on our scary masks to scare people when we ring the bell, and shout ‘Trick or treat! But for now we’ ll have to test our patience just a little bit longer. That being said, we’ve compiled a list for you Spooktober-fans with the best and funniest Halloween memes we could find on the internet. To already get in a spooky mood for Halloween.

When you already had plans about being a clown for Halloween but everyone fucked it up for you

Halloween costume too lit XD

Here we see basic bitches in their natural habitat

Budget Halloween tip

When Christmas items are already in stores and it's not even Halloween. The fuck is this?

The Getting Deported by Trump Halloween costume

The Getting Deported by Trump Halloween costume

Disney World on Halloween is amazing

Finally picked out my Halloween costume

The get your dog shot on Halloween starter kit

Best Halloween costume, ever.

My face when someone tells me they are not into Halloween

The most Floridian pumpkin

Halloween in the ghetto

For Halloween our principal shaved his head and dressed like Gru. All the teachers were minions.

being pumped for halloween but tryin to stay professional like

He went as Scooby for his first Halloween

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, that’s the best way to serve beer at a Halloween party.

girls at halloween parties

Great Halloween prank! Press your face up against some glass. Take a picture. Print it. Laminate it. Place it in a large jar. Put the jar in the fridge!

10 minutes into Halloween and chill then he gives you this look

Me: "I took so many pictures with my Halloween costume. One of them has to be cute." Camera roll:

Me: "I took so many pictures with my Halloween costume. One of them has to be cute." Camera roll:

How you expect the Halloween costume to look vs. how you actually look

I wish my grandma would stop putting up Halloween decorations that look like the KKK is having a meeting in our yard

when you're excited tor Halloween but still depressed about everything else in your life

When you wake up and you don't need to try 'cuz you are Halloween.

Me on Halloween looking at everyone's instagram and snap stories

Me on Halloween looking at everyone's instagram and snap stories

Halloween night Morning after Halloween

When you're at a Halloween party with people you don't know and your friends disappear

Best Halloween party serving table

when u watching everyone make super lit Halloween plans and it's your fave holiday but u still don't got plans

This Halloween why not try dipping Brussels Sprouts in chocolate for the Trick or Treaters?

this is what y'all lil niggas gettin for Halloween

When ur really excited about Halloween but ur trying to maintain a high level of professionalism

If you break a glowstick you'll get perfect Halloween slime

When your neighbors call the cops your Halloween decorations rock!

Happy Halloween bitches

Happy Halloween

Girl: mom can I be a princess for Halloween? Mom: you gone be my purse and shut the hell up

They took decorating for Halloween to a whole new level

When you accidentally touch your sense of humor

Dressed my baby as Jon Snow for Halloween and used my aunts dog as Ghost

What I want to be for Halloween drunk

Best pregnancy Halloween costume ever

Man fuck Halloween.. someone shit in my pumpkin

The scariest thing on Halloween is running out of wine!

When you’re single as fuck for Halloween

When you and your dog are both ready for Halloween

How your dog looks at you squeezing into that slutty nun costume for the 5th Halloween in a row..

He dressed up as a stock photo for Halloween

The "Halloween" starter pack

Trick or treat! Trick it is then. Happy Halloween season!

There will be 2 types of girls Halloween

I'm putting a vending machine on my front porch this Halloween. Screw the damn kids. I have bills to pay!

When your dad helps you dress up for Halloween

I'm gonna be a snake for Halloween wanna see?

When ur winter body came early but you still need a Halloween costume

Worst Halloween decorations for a retirement home ever

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