26 Period Memes To Help You Better Understand How Much Pain Women Suffer From Menstrual Cramps

All the people who suffer from menstrual cramps every month, we salute you! And for the people who don’t get that time of the month, these funny period memes are there to better understand how women feel when it’s that time of the month again and how much they renounce and suffer.

How girls feel on their period Leave me alone to die

When you on your period and your boyfriend just over there breathing

I'm PMSing! It hurts, i feel like I've laid a million eggs and they're all hatching! I feel like i wanna murder someone And I also I want soft pretzels

How it feels when you have your period

When you're on your period

When you're having a good ass time and your period starts

I was just at Walgreens and the cashier asked "how are you" and I said "good" as I placed my tampons up there and he said "guess it could be better" and I said "at least I'm not pregnant" and the pregnant lady in line behind me goes "ain't that the truth"

so inspiring Why do girls keep having periods when they hate them? Just stop having them, do what makes you happy.:)

My period Me feeling confident about my mental health

What you do when on your period

Me to my friend: i dont have any pads you got some!? Friend: yeah i got you Me:

When you got ya period and he still wanna chill

Trying to get comfortable when you have cramps like

When you bought a ton of snacks during your period, but now it's over and you just feel like a fatass

When you're too afraid you might leave a stain

Satans sacrificial waterfall

When I’m on my period and Someone tries to talk to me

when you're on your period and you sneeze or cough

When she's on her period and hears you breathing

Periods be like

Me on my period

Boyfriend: ‘breathes* Girlfriend on her period:

How period pain feels like

When your girl got period cramps and you just walked in the door now she finally has someone to be mean too

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